Get Healthy, Detox & Release Weight

Why Juice?


Our elixirs are a variety of organic juices, smoothies and cleanses, which are made fresh daily blended with superfoods for your ultimate body transformation.


"The Go Alkaline set was just what I needed to reset my body. I appreciate the package because it's hassle-free - with 5 bottles I was good for each day and it also includes 2 tea bags for the morning and night - all packed in an insulated bag. I also love how it's all organic so I'm assured of all the benefits I'm getting. When not on the cleanse, I love the Peanut Butter Booster which can be a good start of the day or an afternoon delight."



My top 2 favorites are the No. 1 Green Genie Juice and the No. 5 Big Bang Juice. It's like drinking your vegetables. I love the taste! Both are refreshing and fulfilling. Peanut Butter Booster smoothies is also a must-try. It's sooo good!