Cleanse & Detox

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Environmental pollution, herbicides/pesticides in the food we consume, processed and packaged food, and toxins such as heavy metals wreak havoc inside the body. As a result, imbalances, disruptions and disorders become a daily occurrence both in our internal and external environment. This juice cleanse is an emotional, physical and energetic cleansing of mind, body and soul.

Includes the following juices:

  1. Big Bang
  2. Green Genie
  3. Upbeet
  4. Zen
  5. Lemon Master Cleanse

And the following:

  • two Traditional Medicinal teas
  • reusable ice pack
  • insulated bag for juices

Juices can last up to 48 hours only and must be stored in the refrigerator


  • Full detoxification of the body
  • Cleansing of gut, colon and body organs
  • Restoration of the bodily functions

Total Calories and Nutrition per day:

754 Calories | 3.9 G Fat | 19.5 G Protein | 225 G Carbohydrates | 170 G Sugar | 4740 MG Potassium


Download Cleanse Instructions here