Master Cleanse

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The Master Cleanse consists of organic lemon juice, which is high in Vitamin C, kills bacteria and dissolved gallstones and kidney stones; organic maple syrup containing over 15 important nutrients and cayenne, a powerful herb and a strong blood regulator that can reverse the symptoms of heart attack, break up mucus and cleanse the body while increasing the body's metabolic rate. Expect to have more energy, fewer cravings, clearer skin, to lose as many as 5 to 7 kilos, and in some cases, even alleviation of the symptoms of chronic diseases.

Includes the 6 Lemon Master Cleanse Juices

    And the following:

    • two Traditional Medicinal teas
    • reusable ice pack
    • insulated bag for juices

    Juices can last up to 48 hours only and must be stored in the refrigerator


    • Optimum detoxification and cleansing of the body
    • Boost immune system and metabolism
    • Reverse effects of illness and diseases

    Total Calories per day:

    672 calories | 0 g fat | 0 g protein | 180 g carbohydrates | 168 g sugar | 390 mg potassium


    Download Cleanse Instructions here